Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Z weighs herself again (3)

Not much change, which isn't too surprising as I've been too busy to use the bike as much as usual and we've had house guests for 3 weekends.

A bit off the measurements - 36, 27, 39.5. No change in the hips then, damn. The change in bust size must be mostly around the back as my cup size is still the same - it won't stay that way, I suppose, which is a pity.

10 stone 3 lbs. A pound and a half down in 5 weeks, which sounds unimpressive but, as I said a couple of weeks ago, I'm taking a long-term view and I'm quite happy with that. Still going the right way.

Since I'm going to be on holiday, if only for a few days, the weekend after next, I won't have any expectations for next time.


Anonymous said...

That's prety good i think. if you haven't had time to do regular, specific exercise and you're still losing then you're obviously doing the right things :)

Z said...

Very sensible eating most of the time. I suspect I should up the exercise, but I don't quite know what else to do. The thought of anything gym-related scares me mightily and it'd be quite hard for me to find the time. It has to not hurt my hip, too.

badgerdaddy said...

Just make sure to enjoy your holiday. x