Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I can't help but notice...

...that it's April, and I am still a porker.

A happy porker, but a porker nevertheless.

In about six weeks, I will have a demanding gym companion, which will help my motivation - he's young and enthusiastic, and hopefully I can get him (and by association me) into some good habits.

He's already been running, with a top distance of 9 miles and a bit, which is excellent; he's also noticed that since running, and subsequent weight loss, the teenage lay-dees have been noticing him, too, so he's keen to keep it up...

And like I said, it will be greater motivation for me. And he's a really lovely kid, for wont of a better word, that I've known since he was three.

Should be fun!

Also, I am determined that I shall do the London Marathon next year; I had to go to the marathon expo for work, and frankly it was all a bit upsetting, knowing I wouldn't be part of it.

Also on the plus side, a couple of well-known running shoe manufacturers seem keen to support me, which is a huge help as shelling out £80 for shoes every couple of months is… Well, it's hard!

I'm rambling. The diet is great, all I'm lacking is exercise as it's deadline week. I'm drinking less and life is generally good. Just minor tweaks and it'll be even better.

Still porky.

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