Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Z hits the shops*

I went clothes shopping today. I wanted a pair or two of trousers, for my trip to Madrid next week (bloody hell, is it as close as that?) and the ones I've got really are too big and the nicer ones will be too warm as well. I had a meeting in the centre of Norwich, so I trotted along to the cashpoint afterwards, because I had no money on me at all and couldn't even pay to get out of the carpark, and Laura Ashley was opposite and had a sale on.

So, in I went and investigated size 12, short, and tried on 2 pairs of summer-weight trousers and, um, five tops (did I mention that there was a sale on?) and bought all but one teeshirt and they fitted nicely, but will still be fine several pounds down, so will suit until the autumn. I may need an odd skirt, but that's my summer wardrobe done. Virtuously, I paid with my debit rather than credit card - that's only virtuous because the Sage pays my credit card bill, because, well, he adores me and all that (and well he might ;-) ) and likes me to enjoy myself, hem hem.

Anyway, I haven't bought that size for several years, so it was fun. I haven't measured myself recently because I was feeling a bit porky, so it was good to remind myself that I actually am smaller than I used to be.

*plural, because I bought a pair of shoes afterwards.


Dandelion said...

Sorry, but it wouldn't be right if I didn't enquire about why you want an odd skirt...

Z said...


Oh, and hello and welcome, Dandelion.