Friday, 14 June 2013

Z wakes up

It's been a while, sorry if you've been dropping in hopefully.

I did go and buy those new bras, finding that I had dropped a size - 32 instead of 34, that is.

The reason I don't write here often is that there doesn't seem anything to update on a diet blog when one isn't actually dieting. I seem to have settled at my present size for now, though I'm only too aware how easy it is to let a pound or two creep on without taking much notice. I've been working rather harder than I'd wish of late, and the occasional chocolate biscuit has been eaten. Still, no weight gain; or at least, I'm no bigger.

In fact, lying in bed a few minutes ago (that is, I'm still lying in bed), I ran my hand down my side to rub a tickle and realised I could feel all my ribs. I knew that, but I'd forgotten. I'm not used to being the size I want to be. It's nice.

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