Friday, 15 February 2013


I measured myself today.  34/27/36.  Yes, I know, I was in better proportion before.  How does one whittle down a middle-aged waist?  And I've been putting it off, I must get measured for new bras - they still seem to fit, on the tightest hooks rather than the loosest, but I must be a lot smaller now.

I don't think one should underestimate the importance of nice underwear.  It doesn't matter if no one but yourself sees or notices it (the Sage is not an underwear man), it makes one feel good - and a well-fitting bra does more to make your clothes hang well than anything else.  A while ago, I read someone's blog where she was grumbling about the cost of bras, but she refused to pay more than a fiver and, from what she said, she was quite a big woman - you only have to look at their construction, there's a lot of work in it and, if looked after, one lasts a pretty long time.  I usually buy two or three a year, but that doesn't mean I throw the old ones out because they're normally still perfect for another year.

I've had a chest infection and still can't eat much and I haven't been drinking for nearly a fortnight.  That is, I had half a pint of cider when we went out last night, but I couldn't finish it and only had it to be polite.  We're expecting guests this evening and I'll serve champagne when they arrive.  Champagne puts a spring in everyone's step, doesn't it?


Compostwoman said...

Blimey my last bra was £45!

Mind you, I am big in the ribs and in the cup so have to wear larger ones - and yes it does make a heck of a difference wearing a properly fitted bra - I suddenly discovered my waist again :-)

I hope you are fully recovered soon. Enjoy the party :-)

Z said...

Eloise's life was transformed when she went to Rigby and Peller at the age of 18 and was assured that 34 FF was normal and they could fit her off the shelf - it's easy to get that size now, but 20 years ago it was impossible around here.