Wednesday, 3 July 2013

You'll never guess what!

I put all the weight back on. Every pound.

It's mostly through drinking, self-medicating since my separation. I also had a strange injury, which meant I cut back on the amount of walking I was doing and right back on the running. It's amazing how quickly you can add weight when you consume over 1,000 extra calories most days, and don't walk three hours in the woods with the dog, then go for a 70-minute run in the evening. It can really build up...

Injury seems to be sorted, running is going well so far this week, and life is settling down a little bit too. So it's all coming off, with lifestyle changes to keep it off this time.


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Z said...

My daughter has lost a lot of weight, not that she was fat before but she's thinner than I am now. She puts it down to not drinking. Damn. Is it wrong to say I'd rather eat less?

It's knowing when to stop that's the key, I suppose. Which is quite boring. Hope it all comes off soon.