Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Definitely lighter...

A few weeks (well, a couple of months) of regular running has had an effect already, it seems. Weighed myself a few weeks ago and was around 15 stone 3lbs, which is 14 pounds less than I weighed when I did it at the doctor's seven or so weeks ago. Progress.

Days when I run go like this...

6am: Alarm goes off.
6:20am: Get out of bed, get running stuff on.
6:45am: Go for a run.
When I finish run: Have a quick bite to eat and a drink
8:20ish: Take dog for a walk
10:30ish: Come home from walk
10:31 to 3pm: Eat. A lot.

Today, for example, I did just over 6 miles. Went out to a very frosty -3ish at 6:40, got home, went to shop as we had nothing for breakfast, then took the dog out for a two-hour walk. So before I've had breakfast I've covered up to 12 miles already. Virtuous, moi?

I wouldn't say I am looking skinny or anything, but I'm looking healthier, and certainly relaxed. Muscle tone is excellent, and with the exercises my physio has given me my stomach is toning as a by-product.

In short, the weight is coming off as I can run regularly thanks to my physio and some hard work by me. Happy days. I'll weigh myself sometime soon and see if it's as good as it feels...

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Z said...

Well done. That's way beyond my willpower, even if I were allowed to run (best thing the surgeon could have said, that I mustn't run further than 30 yards)

My son in law says that if he cycles 100 miles a week, he can eat and drink what he likes without putting on weight. His commute takes up 75 miles, so he's well on the way.