Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I'm in!

The 2011 London Marathon, that is. So that means running, and cross training, and no excuses. Even work might have to take a back seat to this at some points. I only have a couple of international trips in the meantime too, so nothing should really interrupt the training.

Which of course, means I will be as a whippet in a few short months. Got my training mapped out in my head already, and it's started nicely. The added pressure of doing it for a wonderful local charity has had a very positive mental effect. The chap who phoned to tell me I'd got a place couldn't believe that I was pleased about it! Apparently a response like mine is unusual.

In other news, I am taking steps to become a best-selling author, so I can work a bit less. That'll help, too.


Z said...

Hooray all round!

Z said...

When I said all round, I wasn't describing anyone's figure, of course.

badgerdaddy said...

I think I'm looking a bit square, these days, rather than round. 47" chest, 38" waist. A big chest and shoulders can hide a multitude of sins... Even a 38 waist.

PixieMum said...

My daughter has a late place in the London Marathon and is running in memory of her schoolfriend, Gemma who died aged 27 from pancreatic cancer.

This website tells all http://www.justgiving.com/martharunsthemarathon2011

I don't suppose you live any where near SW London so you two could train together?

If not, publicise your running number when you get it and we'll cheer you on 17th April.

badgerdaddy said...

Sorry PixieMum, I only just saw your comment!

I'm nowhere near London, I'm in the wilds of Shropshire. Shame because I could do with a running partner, too! She could look on fetcheveryone.com - lots of people looking for training partners on there.

Pancreatic cancer is a true bastard - so sorry to hear about her friend. One of my heroes died of the very same thing.

I'll let you know my number in plenty of time - thank you!