Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Z goes to work on an egg, if not a bike

I've not had a lot to say.  Unusually for me, however, I haven't said anything.

I've not taken any exercise for the past couple of months, I have to admit.  I went on holiday at the beginning of November and, not too long after I returned, the weather turned cold and the roads weren't suitable for cycling.  Phil kept on cycling mind you, but even he had a couple of falls on the ice.  I wasn't going to take risks and besides, it was damn cold.

This week, I finally got back on the bike and, not in the least to my surprise, found that my fitness level was on the floor.  I did cycle up a hill that I couldn't manage when I first started cycling, more than three years ago, but that really isn't saying a lot.  And I haven't been on the bike since - okay, that just means I didn't do it yesterday, but I won't today or tomorrow.  Might on Friday.

Someone in a comment on the other blog suggested I use a Wii - yes, possibly, but the thing is, would I?  Frankly, I'd find it really embarrassing in front of the Sage and he's often around.  It'd be just as embarrassing to shut him out.  And I've little idea what exercises are involved - okay, don't tell me, I've got to google it.  Ronan has a Wii and I've played games on it with him, but he doesn't live here any more.

I've been eating an egg for breakfast most days instead of porridge.  It certainly is as filling.  I sometimes don't want lunch - at least, not at lunchtime.  Thing is though, if I skip lunch or have very little, I get tired by the time dinner is ready around 7.30.  It's too long to wait.  On Monday, for example, I had a banana at lunchtime and some yoghurt, toast and Marmite about 4.30 when I arrived home again.  Not sure if this will be a good idea.  It's an interesting thing that one egg is really filling at breakfast time, when it wouldn't be enough for lunch.  I poach it and have it on dry toast.

Actually, it's lovely, so I hope I won't get fat on it!  I fill the kettle, put it on while I get everything ready and pour a glass of juice, put water in a pan when it boils, put a slice of bread to toast, crack the egg in the water, make tea, flip the toast while the tea brews, take the pan off the heat, infuser out of the mug, put toast on plate, drain egg on piece of kitchen paper, put onto toast.  The only extra time over making toast is the time it takes to boil a pint of water instead of half a pint.  We have fresh bantam eggs every day, so I can always have a new-laid egg (fresh eggs are the secret of good poaching - even a week-old egg's white will start to spread).

The extra few pounds I mentioned back in June haven't vanished.  Got to do something.  There isn't the incentive now, just shows how I need an impetus to do anything.  Saying "I must" isn't enough.


badgerdaddy said...

You'll do it, I just knows it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful post! I would not have gotten this otherwise!.