Monday, 8 December 2008

Saved by the Sage

The Christmas lecture I went to today, there was coffee and mince pies beforehand and mulled wine and Celebration Anniversary Fruit Cake (Iced) afterwards. I had a cup of coffee and a glass of wine and, since there was food left at the end, several of us took it rather than it be thrown out. I ate my piece of cake on the way home - it was a small piece, but enough indulgence to stop right there.

As I was cooking dinner, I nibbled a dropping-off bit of pastry and it was very good indeed. I said as much to Ro, who agreed - he'd eaten one of the mince pies and said it tasted as if the pastry was made with butter and the mincemeat with brandy. Later, he said he'd put one in the oven. I asked him to put one in the oven for me to share with someone. "A quarter would be fine," I said earnestly. "A third, even half. But I mustn't eat a whole one."

I was on the phone when he decided they were ready, so he came back in with mine. As I was chatting to Dilly, I used my blood donor card (just in case it wiped a credit card) to cut it in quarters and then, when I'd finished the conversation, I hoicked a piece out and ate it. It was very good. Ro was drowsing. I ate another quarter. I spoke to him. He grunted, nearer sleep than wake. I looked at the rest of the mince pie. I picked up a few odd crumbs.

The Sage came in. "Would you share my mince pie?" I asked, passing over the remaining half.

I'll want another one tomorrow, of course. It's better not to succumb at all. But a small victory is better than none.


badgerdaddy said...

A war is made up of many smaller battles.

Z said...

I'm in retreat at present, I'm afraid. Trying to rally the troops.