Monday, 8 December 2008

I am lighter. A bit, anyway.

And it feels rather nice.

I'm weighing in at a still substantial 102.2 kilos, but that's more than 6lbs (3 kilos) lighter than I was a few months back. I think I was... 106 kilos at my heaviest this year, which is about 16 and a half stone (233lbs, US Fat Fans); the new weight puts me at about 224lbs, or just a gnat's cock over 16 stone.

Last week I got in three days of lovely exercise, quite out of the blue, as well – tennis on Thursday followed by the gym two hours afterward, then a gym workout on Friday, and more gym on Saturday. All workouts were varied, all left me feeling fucked and pleasantly hungry, too.

Food hasn't changed much - still eating about half a ton of veg a week, hardly any red meat, and it's mostly good. Will be making a few changes soon – will swap pasta for wholemeal pasta, that kind of thing. But that's because running is going rather well, and myself and Trophy Wife have possibly identified a race we'd like to do next year, and it's only four months away, which means getting arses well and truly in gear. We can both run half an hour now, but we'd need to be running just shy of two hours before this one. Not impossible by a long chalk, but there's a lot to be done between now and then with work, living and the like.

Anyway, that's my news, which is pretty good. Am quite pleased; it's good to reach a target, even though hitting the next target will take longer (15 stone, or 210lbs, or 95 kilos) and will probably mean actually being quite committed to exercise... Mind you, last time I trained for this half marathon, I was heavier than this, had recently quit smoking and ended up weighing 206lbs after the race (about 14 stone 10lbs, or 93 kilos). And then I didn't have a great partner to help motivate me and kick my arse, so who knows what might happen this time?

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