Sunday, 7 December 2008

A chip on both shoulders. mm, chips.

I'm still not dieting and still mostly eating fairly abstemiously, but it's harder than dieting. It's not that I mind not having the biscuits and stuff, but that expectations are different when someone is dieting. If a group of us are out for a meal I could pass on pudding, saying I'm on a diet, but if I'm not then it looks as if I'm making a point of being virtuous. Agh. You know what I mean. There is a difference.

Also, the weather has been so cold and either it's frosty or wet, so I've only been on the bike a couple of times a week. The less I do, the less motivated I am.

There is good news. I mentioned a while ago a pink wool dress I have from when I was in my teens. It's a size 12, but in those days that meant 34-24-36/37. I put it on today and I could get it over my hips and zip it up easily. I won't say it fits flatteringly - not very forgiving to my unwasp-like waist - but I can get it on, fastened. I won't be wearing it, even if I do fine down a bit, because it's a bit moth-eaten!

It still surprises me that my hips measure 37" and yet I still weigh in the region of 9 1/2 stone because I'd expect to be a whole lot less than that. I know the reason of course - it's the overall distribution of fat; that is, my upper arms and back are more covered, my waist (as I said) is thicker and I'm a C/D cup instead of an A, but having grown up a pear-shape, it seems odd to be more balanced.

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