Friday, 2 September 2011

I haven't weighed myself

...but lots of people have commented on how 'healthy' I look, and that I have lost weight. I don't think I have, but I feel pretty excellent. Maybe I'll weigh myself soon.

This is the longest injury-free period I have had from running since I started. Little niggles, annoyances, nothing major, but enough to put me off for fear of a bigger injury. Now I'm super strong, I have stomach muscles, and my legs are frankly pretty awesome. Even my arse is rock solid, or as close as it'll ever get. So I feel good, and I feel very, very strong indeed. By the end of next week, this will also be the first year I've competed in three races - one full marathon and two half marathons. I feel I could have done a lot more, as well, but I'm building toward a lunatic project next year, and something much bigger in 2013.

In short, I feel great. I even had a beer-free week recently which was a real eye-opener - I had loads of energy, woke up naturally most mornings, went to bed very early every night and my running was wonderful. Hmmmm. Perhaps there's a lesson there.

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Z said...

A friend who runs every morning did something unpleasant to a hamstring recently - keeping injury-free is the key, isn't it.

Weeza's husband, after a fortnight on paternity leave, is keen to start his daily 45-mile round trip again. He cycled 112 miles the other day, just for an excursion. Blimey.