Thursday, 12 May 2011

...and over 15

Weighed myself at the doctor's today and he reckoned, allowing for clothes etc, I am about 15st 2lbs. Which, considering I spent the week drunk after the marathon, and had a chest infection two weeks prior to that which meant no exercise, is pretty fucking good, I think.

Have run 15.5 miles already this week, will do another 5.5 in the morning, plus a 13.1 mile half marathon on Sunday. That will, assuming I do it all, make this the first week ever, I think, where I have run more than 30 miles. And the first 15 wasn't even that hard. Mind you, that's how they get you…

Beer is slowly taking a back seat in my life after I asked myself a difficult question or two in another blog. I'm out tomorrow celebrating my beautiful wife's birthday, and after that the next time I drink might well be when I am in Spain at the end of the month, or in Macau a few days after that. We shall see. But the weight, I can assure you, will come down. I aim to be around 14 stone by the end of the summer. THere, I've said it, it's in print*.

The doctor said to me this morning, "If you're going to do a lot of running, you need to look after yourself better." All that expensive doctorly education was not wasted on me, I can assure you.

*If I have ever made any other such declarations, they are rendered null and void with this one. Even if I didn't actually do them. Especially if I didn't do them.


Z said...

I will hold you to it. Not that I'm getting on too well. I'm not eating the wrong things, just a little too much.

You blogging again, then?

badgerdaddy said...

It's just a running thing, really. A running related blog, which I do enjoy writing. Only update it maybe once a week, twice sometimes. And it only has one follower!