Saturday, 12 December 2009

Does my hip look big in this?

I'm slightly concerned that I may have put on a few pounds, but I don't quite want to find out enough to actually weigh myself. Clothes still fit, but the trousers that were fine back in the summer are just a shade snugger, as I found when I wore them on holiday for the first time in a couple of months. I think they are anyway.

I'd been too busy before I went away to cycle every day, and hills are really difficult at present. I need to cycle most days to keep up muscle tone as I'm a puny old thing, left to myself. Additionally, and increasingly, I've not a lot of strength in my right leg to use for the extra effort needed on a hill. Twice this week I had to get off and walk. This means that there's not all that much incentive to cycle, and so it goes on. I'm quite strict with myself though and do make the effort most times.

The diet has certainly stalled. I've continued with the change in my eating habits, in that I don't eat biscuits or other snacks normally, but I've relaxed to an extent. Today, for example, I've eaten a biscuit, and ice cream (at the theatre) and some cheese. And taken no exercise to work any of it off. Tonight, I've made a Bolognaise-ish sauce, which I'll have with spaghetti or a baked potato. And a couple of glasses of wine. Not wicked, but not dieting either.

I'm wondering if I'll have the fortitude to use the time I'm in hospital to kick-start the diet again. I have no problems with opting for the most low-fat and virtuous thing on the menu and there will be no possibility of eating anything between meals, except fruit I suppose. When I get home, my family will look after me for a while. I'll have to hope they don't lead me astray.

I wonder if my new hip will weigh more or less than my old one?

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