Monday, 9 November 2009

Apple pie. And ice cream. Bad Z, bad.

I'm quite silly. I made an apple pie last night. Fortunately, the Sage ate three quarters of it. And I only topped the apples with pastry, I didn't bottom (?) it too. But, as I said before, I do have an unaccustomed desire for puddings. Also, I'm hungrier than usual. Mostly, I'm eating fruit (in moderate amounts), raw vegetables and the odd slice of dry bread or toast, but I've also eaten two packets of crisps in the past week and I find it hard to care.

I'll be terribly fed up if I start putting on weight again and have to struggle all over again to take it off.

I've been meaning to say, I found in a long-unopened drawer a skirt I bought years ago in M&S. I would have been in my late thirties when I bought it, I should think. It's a size 10 and the measurements stated are waist 24 inches, hips 34 inches. Blimey. And it used to fit me. I haven't even tried to put it on now, it would be too embarrassing not to be able to get one leg in. There was also a pair of trousers, also M&S, and they, also a 10, said 25/36. They are still very old but, obviously, newer than the skirt. Now, measuring about 27/37, I'm a size 10 again. When I was a teenager, I didn't know anyone, however skinny, who was less than a 10. Now, if I weighed the 7 stone 10 lbs that I couldn't help being when Al was a baby (I was a 10 then) I'd probably be a 6. Oh well. I suppose it sounds good to be a smaller size, even if it isn't quite realistic.


badgerdaddy said...

All those numbers just left me completely baffled.

Z said...

You prefer metric, don't you Badge.

Bodhisattva Harlem Mama said...

Me, too! Pudding is a definite weakness. I just don't know why! Cannot let it go. I now splenda my tapioca pudding to release some guilt. :-)

Z said...

Hello, BH Mama - I don't often eat puddings because when I do, I want them again! Safer not to start.

vaitarni said...

I asked one of my friend at cowa , us responding to her photos of extreme cold and snow everywhere,
do your children still demand icecreams.
she said yea .

Z said...

It's true, Vaitarni - eating icecream doesn't depend on the weather!