Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Z suffers from Wind (not in a bowel blog sense)

I can't remember what I had for lunch, which is probably a good sign. I've been carefully evaluating meals for nutritional content and lack of naughtiness, which is fine and dandy 'n' all, but does mean that one spends most of the day thinking about food, which isn't quite the idea.

I hadn't cycled into town for a few days as either the weather was wet and windy or I was out at meetings and things. It was still wet and windy this morning, but after lunch I set off. I sailed across the dam speedily and thought how well this was all going - maybe a couple of days rest had done me good and now I had finally started to crack the fitness barrier. I didn't slow down as I went over the awkward little bridge, even though a car appeared round the corner ahead of me with no intention of stopping (it had the right of way, except that I was already on the bridge by then). We missed each other, anyway. I briefly wondered whether to tackle the hill to the post office, but thought better of it. The road to the left is on a hill with an awkward camber and poor visibility and cars rather edge out before stopping.

Having shopped, I set off home again, and discovered the reason for my speedy incoming journey. This time, the wind was in my face and I actually struggled to pedal. On the slight upward inclination, I almost came to a halt. I was grateful not to be overtaken by any little old ladies.

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